Posted: Oct 19, 2018 11:32 pm
by jamest
I cannot remember when I first mentioned this concept (truth mills) during the course of a philosophy thread (I'm guessing about 5 years ago), yet aside from any 'proofs' I've tried to give about the existence of God, or the metaphysical impotency of science, this concept is right up there in terms of 'enlightenment'.

Computers. Input/output. Yet the output is governed by algorithms/rules which dictate that output. Likewise, machines, whereby one could say that their output was governed by their input (physical forces acting upon the system) such that their output was dictated by the nature of their interior mechanism.

The bottom-line is that we can say that for any external action/force acting upon a body, X, that its reaction/output will be contingent upon its own nature. This is certainly easier to predict wrt physical bodies and computers contingent upon algorithms, not so for 'humans'.

Humans are indeed a mystery for many reasons, but for the purposes of this thread let us focus upon their diverse potential to behave probabilistically. Shades of QM, but I don't want to discuss that here, yet. Instead, let us focus upon the diversity of human beliefs. How can we explain these in terms of input/output/etc.?

Well, you can bombard two skulls with the same bullshit, but the consequences of that might be completely different. Scam emailers make a living out of that philosophy, apparently, otherwise I'd get get no scam email, ever. Regardless, the bottom-line - regarding our skulls - is that the output is not contingent upon the input. If this were not so, we'd ALL have the same beliefs or none at all. Or, we'd all talk like Hitler, or else we'd all talk like Jesus or such.

The bottom-line is that the input into our skull does not dictate the output, thus OUR SKULL dictates the output. That is, our own personalised truth mill dictates the output to every input therein.

This is a very BIG problem for evolutionists, since - given the diversity of our truth mills and hence our output - it implies the Truth Mill is a self-governing dictatorship from the onset!

I will of course be commenting further. For now, I'll just go and prep my freezer.