Posted: Oct 20, 2018 12:41 am
by Thommo
Ok, just to cut the OP down to meaningful content:
jamest wrote:Regardless, the bottom-line - regarding our skulls - is that the output is not contingent upon the input.

(sadly yes, it's that full of fluff that its content reduces to a single short sentence)

And also the OP refers to a term "truth mill" which isn't defined, but has previously been used to mean "a way of assigning a value of true or false to a statement", but carried a connotation of Jamest not liking that way.


This could have been put more succinctly, but the response is largely the same either way. The premise of the OP is obviously and trivially false. The output of "our skulls" does depend on the input. Somehow the OP has confused this statement with the true statement that the same input to different skulls gives different outputs.

This is not surprising, any more than the same inputs to different computer programs giving different outputs is surprising.

For example, if I type "=2+2" into this browser, I get a different response than if I type "=2+2" into Excel.