Posted: Oct 20, 2018 7:47 am
by Cito di Pense
jamest wrote:aside from any 'proofs' I've tried to give about the existence of God, or the metaphysical impotency of science

You rely on what you call the "metaphysical impotency of science" to relieve you of the task of learning any science. Isn't that convenient? It's not just convenient, lad; by your standards alone, it's a fricking truth mill.

jamest wrote:Yet the output is governed by algorithms/rules which dictate that output.

That's not wrong, but as you usually do, you leave out most of the story:

There are computations so complex that we have to wait until the computation is finished to know what the answer's going to be. That's why weather prediction is difficult beyond a certain time frame. We're not limited by the speed of computation alone, and humans unassisted by computers cannot predict weather reliably other than by looking at the sky and taking an umbrella if it looks like it might rain.

jamest wrote:we can say that for any external action/force acting upon a body, X, that its reaction/output will be contingent upon its own nature.

You're leaving out most of the story, again, which is about the source of the inputs, or indeed the influence of the inputs on the output. You conveniently rely on your preferred approach of ignoring the source of the inputs, which is (once again) how you've relieved yourself of the task of learning any science. The comments you generate by means of that approach are stupid and banal. Everything you say relies on refusing to learn any science, which is very convenient for you if you find learning science difficult. You don't have to adopt any metaphysics from science if you don't care to, but you do have to learn something about science if you want to try to have an intelligent conversation about it.

All this is fine with me, but you're not engaging in an intelligent conversation about science, yet. Your idle chatter is the product of prodigious ignorance, and its stupidity is purposeful -- ignoring the inputs -- but that's how you generate the products of your ignorance. Because of all that ignorance, you hope nobody can figure out how dumb or smart you are. Convenient!