Posted: Oct 24, 2018 12:41 am
by jamest
Hermit wrote:
jamest wrote:Why did you report my post, Richard, having only (by your owm admission) read a fraction of it?

Because that's where all the rants are supposed to go. A man who proclaims to be neither naive, stupid nor unintelligent shouldn't even have to ask.

Your sour tone underlying your question is a surprise for the same reason. You should be grateful. Once your ranty post has been removed, the brilliance that is your concept of Truth Mills will really shine. Yes, I really mean that. The thesis that the output is not contingent upon the input is truly revolutionary, and the clarity with which you explain why this is so is unsurpassed. Cognitive and neuroscientists will make progress in their respective fields at last, if only they can be persuaded to read all about it and are not distracted by that one sustained false note. You should be really, really grateful for me having reported that post. It was an act of kindness and support.

By the way, I have reported the post I am replying to as well. Like the other one it distracts from rather than contributes to the valuable thesis you have developed. No need to thank me. Just appreciate my action for what it is: constructive.

You know, I cannot tell if you're taking the piss or not. That's the problem right there, since I automatically expect everyone to take the piss or give me a hard time. Not without justification, as I've been conditioned to expect this for close to two decades.

I guess that's my truth mill in action, processing everyones' responses as though they are definitely taking the piss. So, yes, when doing philosophy I've become sour and jaded. You have however made me become aware of the automaton I have become, so I owe you many thanks. I mean, I don't wanna be any kind of slave to my truth mill.

I also apologise for misunderstanding your reasons for reporting this thread, I guess for the same reason as stated above. However, since there is sound philosophical thinking at the heart of it all, I really don't want the thread moved from philosophy.

I will try hard from now on not to be automatically sour/jaded when doing philosophy here. If I succeed, which won't be easy, I'll send you a free robe and sandals. Thank you, squire.