Posted: Oct 24, 2018 1:12 am
by jamest
Thommo wrote:I might colour code those later too, in reference to whether this topic is being taken seriously.

For now, perhaps it's just worth pointing out: 2 posts tonight (and counting), 2 posts with no attempt to be on topic, or to make a cogent philosophical point whether seriously or otherwise.

There was actually a philosophical point made in response to Hermit, which is that truth mills can affect your demeanour sufficient to dictate your style of output. You probably have the same condition as me, as you've probably been worried about your arsehole every time you talk to me for the last few years which has probably affected the tone of your output to me. I mean, my truth mill has turned me into a grumpy cunt when I do philosophy, I'll concede that fact. As I said, I've been conditioned to expect piss-taking etc. nearly all of the time, to the extent that my truth mill yields an output of sour/jaded (and angry) responses.

I'm now ashamed of that fact, because I don't actually want to sound like a hurt cunt every time that I speak. I don't want to be a soft touch either, but for the most part I don't want to be a slave to my truth mill. I can only hope that I have the resources to turn this around for the better. Only time will tell.