Posted: Oct 24, 2018 2:44 am
by Hermit
Thommo wrote:
PS: And I know I'm straying from my attempt to keep this on topic: The fact you felt that Hermit's post, which dripped with sarcasm and was one of the most obvious piss-takes of the entire thread has allegedly led to you pausing for thought genuinely made me spill my drink with laughter. I did wonder whether this was merely some kind of reaction to your realisation that he reported you for offtopic rather than moderator intervention on a personal level too.

At this juncture I feel compelled to confess that I have not reported any post in this thread. My lies were playful means to make a point, perchance to help James take a step back in order to gain a wider perspective on what he is doing.

Also, my posts may or may not have contained traces of peanuts sarcasm for the same reason. I've kind of worked out that ad homs are singularly unhelpful in any debate (still listening, James?), so I'm trying to wean myself off indulging in them. This is a difficult thing to do, at least for me. Sarcasm is becoming my methadone, a sort of halfway house between direct insults and sticking strictly and sometimes boringly to whatever issue is being discussed.