Posted: Nov 24, 2018 1:50 am
by jamest
I've lost count of the times I've heard some dummy 'inform' me that God is love (as a mantra). So, I've decided to investigate.

To my shame, I've rarely pondered the prospect of an omnipresent God - essentially the only existing entity - being 'essentially loving'. However since I've finally gotten around to doing so I've realised that such an entity could not be essentially loving since fundamentally it would have nothing to love but itself. That's not really a problem though, as we might discuss, as God is not some relative puppet character such as Donald Trump.

Prior to this discussion, note that an omnipresent God cannot of course 'hate' anyone because there would be (essentially) nobody else to hate. So, without a doubt, though we could say that God has the capacity to hate, we cannot say that God hates anyone/anything except in ignorance of its own reality. The bottom-line is that hatred is an emotion which cannot occur, except relative to the notion that other entities exist according to a God in ignorance of its own reality, which runs at the heart of my philosophy to you all here.

Therefore, the conclusion(s) wrt my idealism is that Absolute Love is very-much different to relative love and that Absolute Hate (The Devil) is hence badgered up the...

I.e.: Whereas the Absolute Love of God is facilitated by my idealism, yet severely shatfed by relativism, the devil turns out to be yet another cunt with a sore arsehole.

In other words, according to my philosophy. God exists and the notion of Absolute Love is credible, whereas The Devil does not and the notion of Absolute Hell cannot.

Discuss, or else take the piss. It matters not in the end for any puppet. What does matter is that you're only a puppet for as long as you decide to act like one. The clue there is that you all have the capacity to escape the brainwashing currently afflicting you.