Posted: Nov 27, 2018 2:23 am
by jamest
Cito di Pense wrote:
jamest wrote:In other words, according to my philosophy. God exists and the notion of Absolute Love is credible, whereas The Devil does not and the notion of Absolute Hell cannot.

The Final Battle Between Love And Hate? Isn't this overplaying it a bit, even for you? You're doing the best you can, I'm sure.

I'm the whole hog, henceforth.

Are you trying to explain why everything isn't just hunky-dory?

No, I'm trying to explain why it's ALL shit. Even the beauty of the Lake District, etc..

Or is everything really hunky-dory, and you're the one who's just not getting it?

I'm not the first unhappy person who ever lived, if that's the question.

Or is everything really hunky-dory, and you're just trying to make sure everyone knows it? Or maybe I'm the shepherd and you're the tyranny of evil men.

You're akin to an intelligent wolf/fox, seeking a kill. That doesn't position you above 'me' though I suspect that you realise this, though if mistaken I make no apologies for saying so. You've certainly failed to kill me after numerous attempts. I'm still here, according to my sensations.