Posted: Nov 27, 2018 7:01 am
by Cito di Pense
jamest wrote:
You're akin to an intelligent wolf/fox, seeking a kill. That doesn't position you above 'me' though I suspect that you realise this, though if mistaken I make no apologies for saying so. You've certainly failed to kill me after numerous attempts. I'm still here, according to my sensations.

I'm just waiting for you to motivate the story that what's going on is the final battle between love and hate. I could simply decide to believe it, if only I could make myself believe something because you told me it has lovely consequences, but without proving anything formally. Of course, logic is the last thing you want to engage. The emotional appeal is in full swing again, this time with a predator-prey model.

jamest wrote:
Cito di Pense wrote:Are you trying to explain why everything isn't just hunky-dory?

No, I'm trying to explain why it's ALL shit. Even the beauty of the Lake District, etc..

Well, you seem to claim you can make something better, and that is how you are positioning yourself 'above' vs. 'below'. Even I have modest aims in terms of making something better. That just gets us into the same holier-than-thou game that's cropped up in another AGW/carbon offsets thread lately, and in which I remark that public piety is visible even among atheists. You're not wrong that a particular defect is the one-upmanship game, but unless you believe we're something other than just ground apes competing for social status (which you do, manifestly), it's hard to see a path to salvation that does not come into being by fiat. That's no vehicle.