Posted: Dec 23, 2018 4:26 pm
by felltoearth
scherado wrote:
Hermit wrote:The English translations were usually out on loan at Sydney Uni's Fisher Stack, but I had no problem laying my hands on their untranslated Nietzsche offerings. That was about 40 years ago, so I am a bit hazy on detail now. I do remember that the lecturer who took the history courses on the Weimar Republic and the rise of German fascism focused on him. He would, I suppose. He always wore a black leather jacket. He also hailed from the USA and had lost an arm during a motorbike accident.

At the time it occurred to me that quite an industry could spring from Nietzche's metaphoric style, the market for it being chiefly those who had pretensions to become philosophers, but not the ability. Many of them are found among enthusiasts and enemies of postmodernism - the ones who have no idea about what postmodernism is at any rate.

For those who want to save a lot of time, here is all you need to know of Nietzsche's works in under six minutes.

Well, thanks but NO THANKS. No one, nobody should do anything other than read the actual works; NOT second-hand analysis.

THAT is what I did and THAT is the reason I got something out of it.

Considering you identify as an agnostic, I’m curious what you got out of it.