Posted: Jan 11, 2019 6:48 am
by Hermit
archibald wrote:“The highest ideal that a person holds - either consciously or subconsciously - that is their god”

No, it's not. The highest ideal that a person holds is their highest ideal.

Can you point out a practical use for this simile? Until you convince me that there is one, it flies exactly, as Douglas Adams quipped, like a brick doesn't.

Also, what is the subconscious? Is it the missing link between the conscious and the unconscious? Once you've explained that to me, please prove to me that since I do not consciously hold my highest ideal to be my god, I do so subconsciously.

archibald wrote:There is no need to call it a god. And because of the baggage associated with that word, it might be counter-productive, or even arguably wrong.

Cool. That's settled then. We shall now leave the simile in the colloquial sphere, which is exactly where it belongs, and turn to more important matters. I, for one, shall head for the bathroom and brush my teeth. Very, very important. I do that at least twice a day. Religiously. :P