Posted: Feb 09, 2019 6:53 pm
by SpeedOfSound
jamest wrote:You guys aren't taking this problem seriously. I want to know why you would protect and defend your truth mills unto your death beds.
I could understand why a guy like Henry the fuckin' 8th might have a problem with this philosophy, but he had a lot to lose. You guys are mere peasants. Stop acting the Richard.

You don't buy the theory of evolution? Really?

What you are talking about is something we are all aware of and all take seriously. It's why I read science. Right evolution is my one year focus. I always have this little guy trying to tear the theory about stuffed up in my head somewhere. I'm digging into the bits and pieces because evolution is the most fantastic story ever, that is still being told. Without the details no one should just believe it out of the box.

Unless of course you are willing to rely on the same kind of guys that gave us medicine and technology. There is that. For myself I like to dig a little deeper.

So I don't think anyone is goign to defend a truth mill. Whatever are you talking about?