Posted: Mar 18, 2019 10:42 pm
by SafeAsMilk
jamest wrote:Since my last response, about three days ago, there has been nothing significant and serious/relevant enough to respond to.

To be fair, you should expect that when all you've posted in a thread is meaningless, vague ramblings that have no significance to anyone except yourself. And even then, the fact that you're never able to expand on these ramblings says to me they don't mean all that much to you, either.

I include on that list Thommo's post (32) on page 2, which was worthy of a reply until his last paragraph when suddenly he seemed to be accusing me of being a right-wing extremist. Wtf. So, room 101 for that shit.

Looks like you don't know what the word "inadvertent" means. I also suspect you were just watching the news and mindlessly picked up and altered the phrase.

And so, you're all mystified by my silence, really!?! :nono:

Heck no. Looks to me like the usual: you read your drivel in the sober light of day, were horrified and/or confused, and decided to cut your losses any say no more.