Posted: Mar 18, 2019 11:52 pm
by jamest
Thommo wrote:
jamest wrote: address the post, not the poster

Good advice, one wonders why you followed it with:

An address to the posters, not the post:
jamest wrote:You're all guilty of trolling AND YOU KNOW IT.

And an address to the posters, not the post:
jamest wrote:But guess who will be getting a formal warning here, if anyone? Same 'ol same 'ol.

This, incidentally, IS an example of hypocrisy, since you made clear earlier you were unfamiliar with the concept.

It should be fucking obvious why I said this, since what I am essentially saying here is that a core-group of posters have essentially managed to get rid of or control (via formal warnings/thumbs-ups) ALL members here since the onset.

Individuals who challenge the status quo have little if any chance here. They get ganged upon. That's why individuals like yourself, for instance, can semi-accuse me of being a right-winged nazi and get away with it, whilst if I tell you to fuck off for saying that I will get a month in the slammer.

... And you know that, so you play on it, by trolling me further in the hope that I'll tell you to fuck off so that the mods can do their 'job'.

Please, leave me in peace. You're the epitome of everything bad about this place.