Posted: Mar 19, 2019 1:04 am
by SafeAsMilk
jamest wrote:
SafeAsMilk wrote:
jamest wrote:Since my last response, about three days ago, there has been nothing significant and serious/relevant enough to respond to.

To be fair, you should expect that when all you've posted in a thread is meaningless, vague ramblings that have no significance to anyone except yourself.

This is the philosophy forum. I'm posting new ideas for you to think about and challenge.

Except you haven't posted a new idea, and what you've posted certainly isn't challenging or requiring any kind of thought. I mean, it's clear as day you put practically no thought into it as you were writing, it's just a screed off the top of your head, clear as day.

So instead of complaining about them being vague and meaningless to yourself, engage your fucking intelligence and CONSIDER what has been said.

I considered it, but not for too long because it was pretty clearly a collection of inane, vague and meaningless babble. You haven't said anything worth even the slightest intelligent consideration, what you've already given has been more than it deserved.

And even then, the fact that you're never able to expand on these ramblings says to me they don't mean all that much to you, either.

I'm obviously not going to take the time to expand upon an idea when, even 3 days along the line, ALL responses thus far have been piss-takes

Because what you've posted is incoherent drivel. There's no sense or reason or thought to be found anywhere in your OP. If you want anyone to treat your late night inebriated brain diarrhea with anything more than piss-takes, then I suggest you expand upon your ideas enough that they at least make some kind of sense.

and one has even accused me of being a nazi, AM I?!!! Wtf. :waah:

Still don't know what the word "inadvertently" means, I see.

It's time for some of you to take a look in the mirror, seriously. I mean, when dozens of individuals like me have been banned because of a dozens+ group like your own, questions need to be asked. And when the gaff is starting to look more pathetic than Donald Trump's own chatroom, then what value is left here?

Don't you think that if you want to compare others to Donald Trump, you should maybe not start OP's that are stream of consciousness babbling that don't go anywhere, don't make any sense, are flat-out wrong in some cases, and serve no function except to stroke your ego? Y'know, while you're talking about mirrors and all?