Posted: Mar 19, 2019 1:10 am
by Spinozasgalt
jamest wrote:
Spinozasgalt wrote:
jamest wrote:So, get your ropes out or else try looking at yourselves in the mirror. It doesn't really matter to 'me', as the messenger is not important. At all.

Can you believe that you wrote this initially and have now spent every other post complaining about perceived slights against the messenger?

I can.

I'm not protecting the messenger, I'm trying to protect its ability to produce more messages.

What I see here is the final solution event for jamest. What that will mean is that you lot won't receive more messages.

You lot need more messages.

I don't think so. You just got through calling people "numpties", referred to Thommo as "Donald" and called him a "fucking hypocrite". You know that insults like these risk putting you over the line and yet you persisted with them. In contrast, you took offense to this from Thommo:
Thommo wrote:PPS: I also couldn't help repeatedly noticing how similar the thread title was to a certain well known phrase:
"The final social revolution" which makes it look like a nasty and/or unfortunate bit of word association has inadvertently taken place, given the phrase was all over the news all day long after the NZ terror attacks in the hours running up to this OP.

And you used this to completely dismiss his other points. Not because it somehow puts you at risk of sanction (how could it?) but because you were offended. And there isn't even an insult here. The implication is just that the phrase "final solution" has been all across the media recently and he suspected it had led you to a choice of phrasing that sounded similar.