Posted: Mar 19, 2019 2:15 am
by jamest
Spinozasgalt wrote:
jamest wrote:
Spinozasgalt wrote:
jamest wrote:So, get your ropes out or else try looking at yourselves in the mirror. It doesn't really matter to 'me', as the messenger is not important. At all.

Can you believe that you wrote this initially and have now spent every other post complaining about perceived slights against the messenger?

I can.

I'm not protecting the messenger, I'm trying to protect its ability to produce more messages.

What I see here is the final solution event for jamest. What that will mean is that you lot won't receive more messages.

You lot need more messages.

I don't think so. You just got through calling people "numpties", referred to Thommo as "Donald" and called him a "fucking hypocrite". You know that insults like these risk putting you over the line and yet you persisted with them.

I do what I do because of its shock value, with the hope that it will make the responder THINK. You're probably one of the most liked people here, for instance, yet I did the same thing with you. Just trying to drag you up from your essentially Essex values. YOU took offence, where none was intended. As human beings go, as far as my online perceptions go, you're about as nice as anyone gets. I'm sure the members here will agree with that, if nothing else.

The truth is, I'm not offended by anything anyone wants to be, I just want them to be more than that. So yes, inevitably, I was going to call you out for your finite opinion of yourself. Yes, you're wonderful and witty and you probably look great in your high heels, but from my perspective it doesn't matter, just as ANY physical trait doesn't matter or any mental trait built upon said foundations doesn't matter.

I'm an idealist ffs, so why can't you understand that I'm not slagging 'you' off by appealing to a greater vision of yourself?

I don't know if anyone will ever truly understand me, but the bottom line is that you cannot judge me until you comprehend where I'm coming from, because I'm certainly not coming from the same gaff as anyone here.

In contrast, you took offense to this from Thommo:

I took offense to nothing, other than his corrupt attempt to undermine my capacity to post here. That's what I'm resisting, nothing else.

jamest has been thoroughly abused for two decades. Drunk, mental case, murdererous, idiot, retard, the lot. Seriously, within the scope of two decades of abuse from much nastier people than the likes of Thommo and yourself, don't you think it's about time that you read responses via jamest with that in mind?

The clue resides within his philosophy. Whether you believe his philosophy is besides the point. The point is that 'he' does.

KNOW thine enemy.