Posted: Mar 19, 2019 4:29 am
by OlivierK
jamest wrote:Individuals who challenge the status quo have little if any chance here. They get ganged upon.

Individuals who take a position contrary to that of the majority find that a majority of people express disagreement with that contrarian position? Say it isn't so!

Anyway, James, your OP boils down to:

Premise: If there was a social revolution that erased individual minds, it would be final, as there's no society without individual minds.

Conclusion: Such a revolution must necessarily occur.

What's missing (as usual) is an actual argument. Given that the premise is tautological, and the conclusion appears false, I'd imagine that a valid argument will be a long time coming (but based on experience, I'm sure an invalid argument will be along shortly, with a side serve of personal abuse for good measure :roll: .)