Posted: Mar 19, 2019 1:35 pm
by SafeAsMilk
jamest wrote:I want to find someone I can discuss these things with within the parameters of actually taking me seriously, before I die.

Then you need to say something that someone can take seriously. There's nothing in the OP to discuss, you just declare things and don't define any of your terms. It's a rant, and not even a considered one. Pay attention, jamest: everyone can tell that you didn't put any thought in to the OP, you just dashed off the first thing that came to your mind. Every single person in the thread can see it. Thommo taking the time to dismantle it was far more than it deserved, because it required far more thought and effort than you put into your OP, and I have no doubt that every single person here can see that. That you think it deserves any sort of serious, considered discussion is absolutely fucking absurd.

You don't appear to be that person. Therefore, goodbye.

Btw, I enjoyed the banter. Best wishes, squire.

So you don't know what "banter" means either.