Posted: Apr 20, 2019 5:53 am
by Cito di Pense
tuco wrote:It took me a relatively long time to realize that. I still get frustrated by it a lot. It took me again a relatively long time to realize that such frustration, or rather displays of such frustration, has roots in my own life. Since I am not going to see professional help, gotta live with it, me and you.

I know personally at least one unrepentant subscriber to psychobabble who talks like that. It's not that it isn't true, it's that it is trivially true, which makes it a lot like quoting the bible at someone. Everything has roots in your own life and roots in the external world. It's that you can't separate them that makes all the shit that is true so trivial. It's trivially true that you are an open thermodynamic system. It's not so trivial to figure out the next layers of that, but nobody who fancies psychobabble is going to be interested in all that.

That's why Dolph Sharp's parody of trying to sort it all out speaks so clearly to me.

jamest wrote:God forbid that I would ever be an advocate of liking people within a philosophy which ultimately states that they do not exist.

Somebody should fucking ask you why God made people (that don't exist) look like open thermodynamic systems (that don't exist, either). It won't be me, because I know just how you're going to shit on the question.