Posted: Apr 20, 2019 7:30 am
by Spearthrower
surreptitious57 wrote:All knowledge and all experience can be labelled as culture

No, that's assuredly not true. You have a tile sticking up in your bathroom and you stub your toe on it. Neither knowing the tile is sticking up nor experiencing the stubbing of your toe is culture.

surreptitious57 wrote:To be cultureless is to be without knowledge or experience

Knowledge and experience are potentially independent of culture, it's shared knowledge and experience that are culture. Things don't experience, things don't have knowledge, people do, and people operating together, sharing their knowledge and experiences generate culture.

surreptitious57 wrote:james is therefore a product of culture just the same as everyone else is

Of course he is. The only people who are not are people with such severe mental disabilities that they can't engage with others, or possibly feral children raised in the absence of other humans.

surreptitious57 wrote:Now his own culture may be absolutely unique to him but its still culture

It's a contradiction in terms: no individual can have a unique culture - culture is the interaction between people.

surreptitious57 wrote:To deny culture is to deny all of human existence and all of human thought but james cannot do either of these

It's not to deny all human existence and thought, but it is solipsistic and ignorant to declare oneself a product of oneself.

surreptitious57 wrote:He is the cultureless one who denys all cultures except his own but doesnt see the delicious irony of this at all

It's worse than that - it's denying that he has any meaning, any role, or any part in anything.