Posted: Apr 21, 2019 3:27 am
by Hermit
Svartalf wrote:the social contract was a piece of shit out of the mind of a so called philosopher who, although he's highly respected and was highly influential on the French Revolution, never let his philosophy interfere with the actions of his daily life... his philosophy is highly prudish, while he was a colossal lecher, he wrote education manuals, but put all his children in orphanages... you see the picture

Rousseau was a bit of a bounder and inordinately quarrelsome one at that, but as an Enlightenment philosopher he was first grade. His book, On the Social Contract; or, Principles of Political Rights, was in fact revolutionary, helping to destroy the credibility of the idea that monarchs were divinely empowered to legislate.

As far as I am concerned, sovereign citizens, freemen and whatever the people who deny they are subject to laws of the land they live in call themselves are entitled to live outside those laws. By the same token they are not entitled to the rights, privileges and amenities made available in those laws. So, if they imagine they need no driver's licence, they need to be denied the use of roads. If they refuse to pay taxes they have no right to as much as walk on footpaths. In placing themselves outside the social contract Sovereign citizens, Freemen etc must logically find themselves in a position like the one illustrated in a small way below.