Posted: Apr 21, 2019 10:31 am
by Fallible
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Fallible wrote:
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romansh wrote:
Yes … you belong to a relatively exclusive culture. So what are the characteristics of your mental disease?

I reside within no circle. I'm completely alone. Therefore, effectively 'cultureless'.

I mean, who else other than a cultureless individual could have made the OP?

Don't you have a wife and two kids?

On page 2 in post 30 I said this:
I didn't proclaim that I was cultureless. After all, I'm English/British/white and the child of a catholic father and protestant mother. North of England, heart of the industrial revolution, brainwashed into being a supporter of one of the most famous football clubs on the planet. Etc..

What I'm saying to you is that at some point in the recent past I saw what a load of bollocks those cultural prisms were in my assessment of 'me'.

I've been fully immersed within a particular culture for the whole of my life, but what I'm saying is that I now realise this/any human culture is folly, a disease responsible for all of our social woes. In that sense, my mind has been able to transcend any wisdom imbued upon me by said culture in reaching these conclusions and is therefore able to think 'culturelessly'. In that sense alone - being able to think beyond those parameters which culture enables - I am cultureless. Regardless of whether I have a family.

Sure you are.