Posted: Apr 21, 2019 11:14 pm
by romansh
jamest wrote:
romansh wrote:It's the culture of non-existent people that is the problem.

You have a hard time understanding and/or accepting that people do not exist, so it seems. Yet the fundamental message of my philosophy is that you DO exist, but not as a person. Surely you and the rest of the readers here comprehend this easily understandable notion?

For an existing entity who falsely concludes that "I am human", any consequential culture is folly.

No not at all. I have a hard time understanding the culture of non existent people.

But yes, it is similar to the Buddhist position of not-self. I get it. Sure we are part of a greater whole, certainly not independent little gods, first causes etc.

Could the culture have been otherwise? Answers please on the appropriate thread.