Posted: Jul 15, 2019 5:53 pm
by Mononoke
Sorry for the incendiary sounding thread. I just wanted to get attention. :mrgreen:

I have come across a thought experiment in favour of abortion in favour of choice when it comes to abortion that is very interesting. It's a little heartless, but quite interesting. Also let me make it clear this is not my original argument, but i've moulded it a tiny smidgen because i can't remember it in the original form.

Basically, if you accept the silly premise of the pro life people that a fetus is alive at birth and has all the rights of personhood, then it naturally follows that by taking away the choice of aborting the state is forcing you to risk your life, sacrifice your convenience to take care of the another person. more over, the state is saying if you don't take care of this fellow and sustain their life for so many months it will punish you.

But if you extrapolate that logic to other activities have a rather strange state of affairs. For example, if i agree to donate an an organ to save someone's life i can't back out at the last moment, rather the state would force me to go ahead with the procedure. because i am killing that person by not offering it some form of assistance. Clearly, we don't live in such a society and no one would say its right to force someone to give an organ. So by that extension, if you believe that a fetus is a complete person at inception then you should be ok with abortion. Well either that or agree that the govt has the right to force you donate your organs.


What do you guys think? please tell me if it doesn't make any sense