Posted: Jul 18, 2019 6:50 am
by Scot Dutchy
laklak wrote:In Florida it's mostly through sales tax and hotel taxes. On a county level it's through property tax, which is the norm in all states I can think of. There are 7 states without a state income tax - Alaska, Florida, Texas, Wyoming, Washington, South Dakota, and Nevada. Tennessee is abolishing state income tax in 2021.

Yep nice for the poor people lak. Here the mentality is totally different. We pay taxes willingly and dont object as we want a fair more equal society where the most vulnerable are looked after and there are health, social and educational systems in place for all. We also like to maintain and improve our infrastructure and generally create a place where all people are happy to live in and not just a few.

The idea of just getting your gun and pulling up the drawbridge is not for me I am afraid as I am conscious of other people and dont see them as the enemy.