Posted: Aug 03, 2019 6:34 am
by GrahamH
ughaibu wrote:

Therefore, if the behaviour of the researcher, at time three is a mathematically entailed fact at time three, then the researcher will enact that behaviour regardless of what happens at times one or two. Do you understand this?

You have confirmed my point. That is your core error.

There is no reason to suppose that human behaviour is uniquely and independently entailed by initial conditions and laws. If humans are entailed everything built on "physics and chemistry" is entailed. So the behaviour at time 3 is certainly not "regardless of what happens at time 2. On the contrary, it is entailed by what happens at all previous times. You can't vary events at time 2 if they are entailed by prior events. That would be supernatural intervention.

Therefore, if the researcher performs A she can record accurate results for A