Posted: Aug 03, 2019 7:04 am
by ughaibu
GrahamH wrote:"regardless of what happens at time 2." On the contrary, it is entailed by what happens at all previous times.
There is a clear contradiction in your statement.
No, this is either an uncharitable reading or you still haven't understood the argument.
As the behaviour of the researcher at time three is entailed at all other times, it is entailed if the researcher observes x at time two or it is entailed if they observe y at time two.
GrahamH wrote:The correct result is entailed by what happens in the experiment actually performed.
Sure, but what will be recorded is also entailed by "laws of chemistry/physics", that is the assumption. It is precisely because we can construct cases in which "what happens in the experiment actually performed" cannot be that which is entailed by laws of chemistry/physics, that the argument works.