Posted: Aug 03, 2019 7:07 am
by Cito di Pense
ughaibu wrote:
GrahamH wrote:"regardless of what happens at time 2." On the contrary, it is entailed by what happens at all previous times.
There is a clear contradiction in your statement.
No, this is either an uncharitable reading or you still haven't understood the argument.

It's an uncharitable reading because you have not earned anyone's indulgence. You haven't shown yourself to be anything other than a discussant of average intelligence with anything but a mediocre education, and almost no relevant education in science.

ughaibu wrote:It's been three months and there has been no new objection posted. To remind you, here is the argument:
ughaibu wrote:1. life requires irreversibility
2. a determined world is fully reversible
3. therefore, there can be no life in a determined world
4. free will requires life
5. therefore, incompatibilism is the case
6. therefore, if there is free will, the libertarian position is correct.

Fifteen or more pages ago, you revived this crap. Because of thermal noise, even if the world is deterministic (and you don't know that it is), processes in the real world are not reversible. The only processes that are reversible are those that never complete (quasi-static process that proceed infinitely slowly). The real world is not reversible. Of course, you could always jump off the deep end and deny reality.