Posted: Aug 03, 2019 7:19 am
by Cito di Pense
ughaibu wrote:
Cito di Pense wrote:
ughaibu wrote:
GrahamH wrote:"regardless of what happens at time 2." On the contrary, it is entailed by what happens at all previous times.
There is a clear contradiction in your statement.
No, this is either an uncharitable reading or you still haven't understood the argument.
It's an uncharitable reading because you have not earned anyone's indulgence. You haven't shown yourself to be anything other than a discussant of average intelligence with anything but a mediocre education, and almost no relevant education in science.
Moderators: do you really think this kind of post is tolerable? I'm trying to explain to GrahamH how the argument works, posts like this serve no constructive purpose.

You've been posting nothing but dichotomistic bollocks, ughaibu. Your basic contention is that since determinism is not demonstrable, free will is entailed. That's bullshit, and hasn't earned a charitable reading. Write something smarter. You don't demonstrate any advanced knowledge of science, yet you're dropping references. You haven't shown you understand the principles of argumentation when you insist something is entailed. What am I to make of your ability and education? A discussion like this one is where you have the opportunity to demonstrate these, and you've now been blagging us for weeks with pure crap.

You asserted that "free will requires life" but you didn't show it in the other direction, that free will is entailed by life.