Posted: Aug 05, 2019 9:34 am
by GrahamH
romansh wrote:
Are you suggesting people with low IQs have less free will here? Or perhaps a summary judgement on mental capability? While my mental capability is not bad (I suspect) in certain situations it might be positively dangerous.

A possible link between free will and mental ability has come up before, possibly from john platko.

This could work either way. Greater understanding of potential consequences could be more restrictive. Awareness of too many options could lead to "overchoice".

OTOH too little understanding or imagination could lead to too few choices or "hobson's choice".

Maybe there is a happy median position with a few fairly easy choices. Enough to feel you make a difference but not too much that it paralyses you.

I'm tempted to associate free will with liberty - experiencing a wide open space of possibilities with safe paths to take rather than a closed-in hard to navigate maze.