Posted: Oct 08, 2019 1:27 pm
by GrahamH
scott1328 wrote:
GrahamH wrote:In a sense all fictional characters are P-Zs that behave like humans without being conscious in themselves. So Willy Wonka is a zombie.

except that fictional characters are distinguishable from humans, in that humans exist.

Fictional characters are not necessarily distinguishable from humans from a description of their behaviour.
Obviously they aren't physically present and you can't interact with them.

How about actors expressing thoughts and emotions from a script that are not things they are actually experiencing. If Danny KayeGene Wilder as Willy Wonka creates a chocolate factory it isn't because of his own qualia experience.

I wrote that amid thoughts of jamest solipsism where people are puppets with no consciousness of their own. There everyone is a P-Z unless or until the OneGod slips on that character and enters first person mode.

Anyway, these are only musings, not arguments.

The semi-serious aspect of this is we can imagine that a person's convincingly human behaviour might be driven by something other than internal subjective qualia consciousness. One such possibility is that it is driven by a physical brain.