Posted: Jan 04, 2020 3:57 am
by SafeAsMilk
jamest wrote:
SafeAsMilk wrote:
jamest wrote:
SafeAsMilk wrote:You haven't shown that the system would have to be self explanatory, whatever you mean by that. And you certainly haven't shown why you can draw the conclusion from that that it must have a singular explanation. And you also haven't shown why a singular explanation would be God.

Basically, it's word salad.

Are you Donald Trump in disguise? After today's news, he needs a disguise, so you'll do.

You know how it looks when your only response to someone dismantling your argument is to childishly attack them, right? It's like someone points out you've got a booger hanging out of your nose and you call them a great big poo poo head.

The problem with this is that you didn't address a single sentence of the OP at all.

No problem at all, since each sentence I wrote directly addressed a statement you made. Try reading it with your eyelids open this time.

If I were you I'd go and look in the mirror and rub-off the orange tan.

You have the balls to call me childish

I called your attack childish. Unfortunately it seems you read with the same amount of care that you use when constructing your arguments.

after I present a perfectly serious OP and then rubbish it without addressing a single point of it? Fick aff.

Would it help if I re-printed your post and mine and highlighted the common words in big bright letters to make it easier for you to follow?