Posted: Mar 21, 2020 7:25 pm
by Spearthrower
And therein lies the point of all Nietzschean doctrine, in which I can include Crowley :

What if all moral judgements arising from all of those seemingly high ideals like compassion and equality simply never do anything else than reverse the basic concepts of good and evil expressed in the second example where to suffer is bad and to enjoy oneself is good?

You end up merely cultivating suffering. Your high ideals are merely illusions to the contrary.

It is again missing key logical bridges between 'conclusions'.

Your argument hasn't shown that feeling good, for example, requires cultivating suffering. You've offered one possible scenario in which the binaries are (supposedly) linked, and even reading past the equivocation, that doesn't mean that they are always linked - one person's pleasure doesn't ubiquitously require another person's suffering.

So I am not really seeing how your argument can go anywhere as it's flawed and has managed to irremediably confuse itself twice in just 6 sentences.