Posted: Mar 23, 2020 8:30 pm
by Master Lawbringer
GrahamH wrote:
Master Lawbringer wrote:I'm here repeating the examples where I explain that even though moral judgements are based on what feels good or bad, it's not as simple as saying feeling bad is always morally bad.

If you keep using that, I legitimately call strawman.

Punishment :

In the hopefully very rare case that it would be morally justified to actually put a real person inside a brazen bull, it would _still_ be bad for the person inside the bull.

It would be bad, highly undesirable to be a person suffering punishment, but that is not the same thing as saying that the punishment is "morally wrong" or that the people imposing punishment are immoral, or that anyone suffering must be 'good'.
If it's 'morally justified...' then by definition it is moral.

You would need to make some sort of argument for what is and is not moral, which you don't seem to have attempted.

Master morality, and I've been considering the meta-issue. From the first post :

One way to look at the CMPML is to observe that rather than being just another religion, the CMPML considers the meta-issue : Control over this morality dynamic to improve the previous situation. A generator of religions, if you will, be they slave or master moralistic, to aid the cause of will that is love.

Love is the Law.