Posted: Mar 23, 2020 8:44 pm
by Master Lawbringer
OlivierK wrote:
Master Lawbringer wrote:If you reverse your notion of good, compassionate and egalitarian, you end up with a 'brazen bull'-like situation. In this way, you can escape the indoctrination from civilization, become untainted by moral doctrine in your analysis of moral doctrine, as far as can be, so you can get a clear perspective on what the relation actually is between the basic animalistic notions of pleasure and pain, and moral ideas on right and wrong.
And the relation is certainly not that of equivalence. It seems to reverse and actually end up unrelated. At least, slave morality does.
And anyone who understands that it's self-evident that you don't want to be put inside a brazen bull will realize how horrible that is.

My bold.

This seems to be your point, in a nutshell. "If you reverse your notion of good, it seems to reverse and actually end up unrelated."

Edit: Gawd, after writing that, then I read the previous page... :roll: Frankly, it's evidence of a very compassionate society that if you perform ML's experiment, people will offer help. I guess it's one way to get a meal and a roof over your head.

Change someones sentences around and you can make them claim anything. Is that your point?