Posted: Mar 23, 2020 8:48 pm
by Master Lawbringer
theropod_V_2.0 wrote:What if instead of asking rhetorical questions you put up or shut up, Master Lawbringer? If your “experiment” returns repeated positive results of an empirical nature the last fucking thing you should be doing is wasting your time, and ours, by posting insane shit on an obscure internet forum. You should be seeking an appropriate peer reviewed journal to publish those findings. So, why even mention your “experiment” here? Could it be your position is based on crap you have dreamed up from thin air, and the generation of real world evidence resulting from your experiment is less likely than me flying under my own power? I think your momma should have followed the example of Sheldon Coopers’ mom, and had you tested.


If no one in the entire world understands anything about anti-egalitarian morality, how can it be that large-scale anti-egalitarian structures are still flooding the market with drugs?

Any psychologists or sociologists care to explain that one to me? Anybody with any expertise? Some peer-reviewed papers, perhaps? Anybody? Worldwide?

Peer review means nothing if the peers can't be trusted.
And I don't trust people who maintain that it's not self-evident that it's bad to get tortured to death.