Posted: Mar 24, 2020 12:37 am
by Master Lawbringer
OlivierK wrote:
Master Lawbringer wrote:And I don't trust people who maintain that it's not self-evident that it's bad to get tortured to death.

I don't trust people who equivocate "it's bad to get tortured to death" with "it's immoral to be the victim of torture", just so they can claim that there's a perspective that's the opposite of finding the torturer immoral.

I challenged you to stop using the word "bad" (due to your constant equivocation between the sense of "unpleasant" and the sense of "immoral"). You're still using it, and still equivocating.

Yeah, and I challenge you to stop using the word 'equivocate' and to stop using the same old strawman argument that I've already dismissed dozens of times. Like so :

I'm here repeating the examples where I explain that even though moral judgements are based on what feels good or bad, it's not as simple as saying feeling bad is always morally bad.

If you keep using that, I legitimately call strawman.

Punishment :

In the hopefully very rare case that it would be morally justified to actually put a real person inside a brazen bull, it would _still_ be bad for the person inside the bull.

Sacrifice :

Maybe someone gives you a sadistic choice : Either you inside the brazen bull, or your child. In that case it would be morally righteous to get in the brazen bull yourself.
But that doesn't mean that you're going to enjoy being there.
And in all moral considerations the one self-evident truth remains : You don't want to be inside the brazen bull if you can help it.