Posted: Apr 12, 2020 11:41 pm
by jamest
Covid-19 has impacted upon our liberties to such an extreme, both personal and financial, that in my opinion it proves democracy and capitalism are such a sham that future historians will point to this event in time when analysing the demise of both ideals.

Our governments have FORCED their people to isolate in their houses in The West, nay worldwide, being threatened with prison/fines (minimum) if they don't do so. There was no attempt to engage the people here (anywhere) prior to these actions. Millions upon millions of us have basically been enforced to give up our personal and financial freedoms by governments who initially came into power as advocates of personal and financial freedoms. That is undeniably true!!!

You can argue until you're blue in the face that "these are crazy times", but if both democracy and capitalism result in an end-game where we lose our personal and financial freedoms "OR ELSE!", then I must insist that both democracy and capitalism themselves have reached their own end-game, for they have subsequently failed abysmally to deliver what they promised to deliver.

We don't know yet how many people will be killed by covid-19. Personally, I am of the opinion that the proceeding economical disaster will kill numbers into the billions. Regardless of whether I'm right or wrong on that, I stand firm on the declaration that covid-19 has unveiled the Judas within this last supper of ours.