Posted: Apr 13, 2020 12:40 am
by jamest
OlivierK wrote:All those democratic governments that have curtailed freedoms in the name of public health will have to go to democratic elections soon enough. With substantial majority support for COVID-19 response measures in most countries, I doubt that incumbent governments are that worried about being voted out, nor their polities worried about the end of democracy.

That's not the fucking point of democracy and personal freedoms, including financial freedoms. The point is that when a so-called DEMOCRACY prohibits you from leaving your own home (except for special police-enforced circumstances) and prohibits you from being at work and making money (except for special police-enforced circumstances), then both democracy and capitalism have been BADGERED!

This is not even up for discussion, as it's self-evident.

What we need to discuss next, is the next political paradigm for The West. So, it's heads out of arses time.