Posted: Apr 13, 2020 9:16 am
by Hermit
OlivierK wrote:Yes, it's not really working as it should.

Partly, it's because people have lost sight of what governments' proper role is...

Governments are working precisely as they should: to preserve and maintain the structures they are appointed or elected to administer. That has been their "proper" rôle since time immemorial. Those structures may be feudal, capitalistic, oligarchic, tyrannous or any other; The primary task of their respective governments remains the same.

Your insistence on limiting the function of capitalism to being a wealth creator and government to regulator is naïve to the point of being plain wrong. In capitalist countries the so called wealth creators regulate what a government does and the governments are their enablers. Far from being two separate functions, they are fundamentally interconnected - and profoundly biased in favour of the owners of the means of production.