Posted: Apr 13, 2020 8:18 pm
by GrahamH
jamest wrote:
Thommo wrote:
jamest wrote:Any democratic government SHOULD be enforcing laws to encourage personal and financial freedoms AT ALL TIMES.

NEVER forget that. Or else, resolve to change your political ideals!!!!!

No, I refuse. Just because you say something, even in caps, doesn't make it fact.

Taking emergency actions in an emergency is appropriate.

This isn't a World War. Worst case scenario the UK will lose the low end of a 6-figure amount of people over the course of about 18 months due to covid-19.

What kind of short-sighted arsehole does it take to realise that closing the whole world's economy down (as each individual government has done) for several months this year and potentially next year, will have upon the global economy and subsequent global population?

That's it for tonight. Goodnight Thomas.
First, the world economy is not shut down, it is temporarily constrained but still operating. People are still spending. Many are still working.

OECD forecasts reduced growth for 2020:

China production fell 13.5% in Q1.

It's bad, but it is very far from a total shutdown of the world economy.

As for what consequences recession may have on death rates it seems it may increase longevity.

During a recession as unemployment rates rise, contrary to reason, death rates drop. ... y-rates%2F