Posted: Apr 30, 2020 9:17 am
by GrahamH
Ayn Marx wrote:"Hence we can't demonstrate libertarian notions of free will.?”
Which tends to imply you could not have avoided making such a claim, you were predestined to do so.
How then could you have any meaninful method of determining it’s validity?

You have that backward. The challenge is for the free will advocate to demonstrate they have free will.

If prior causes lead you to test a proposition with evidence of course you can do so. To be meaningful you follow the outcome of the test. It would be meaningless to choose a result as an act of will contrary to the fact of the matter.

And you could start with simply demonstrating to your self that your own thoughts really have some independence from what came before them. Try it. I think if you approach that honestly you should see the problem. You won't know how or why you have particular thoughts. To the very limited extent that you might give an account of it you will be referencing antecedent events that have "made you who you are" and your events that have created your present situation.
Can you do better than prior causes , reasons and don't knows?