Posted: Apr 30, 2020 7:02 pm
by romansh
Ayn Marx wrote: "ence we can't demonstrate libertarian notions of free will.?”"
Which tends to imply you could not have avoided making such a claim, you were predestined to do so.

The predestined bit depends on the fundamental behavior of the universe Ayn. I certainly don't know if quantum phenomena are predestined. But if it is more a crap shoot then making claims is a bit dodgy … philosophically speaking. Having said that if things are not determined then making claims is also dodgy.
Ayn Marx wrote:How then could you have any meaninful method of determining it’s validity?

Quite … that is why I am forced to be agnostic on the subject, but those claiming to have free will [libertarian] have to (or not) come up with some sort of rational argument to help convince me to believe in the concept of free will.

Do you have one?