Posted: May 01, 2020 3:41 am
by jamest
felltoearth wrote:
jamest wrote:The difference between me/you and a 'predestined' robotic machine, should be fucking obvious.

Differences/distinctions between machines/robots of the same ilk are barely discernible wrt their outputs, which are more-or-less identical.

'Humans' are of the same ilk, yet their output is utterly unpredictable and certainly unexplainable beyond a philosophy which does not embrace free will as a basis thereof.

The people here arguing against free will are doing so because they are arguing against theism. What other
motive could they have? Indeed, in a world devoid of free will, why are they even here~?!!! Regardless, they want us to believe that THEY themselves - who have no free will, by logical default wrt their position, are capable of arguing the point. That's fucking funny, because if you're a fuckin' robot then whatever comes out of your mouth is a fart that fundamentally no individual can control.

So, the likes of Graham are FARTING that there is no free will. Graham can't argue otherwise because everything he says is a FART by default of his own argument.

His own argument essentially boils-down to the fact that he farts words beyond his control.

Verbal diarrhoea, in other words. :lol:

The bottom-line is that it is impossible to have a rational debate about the concept of free will with beings such as Graham, because he cannot think for himself by his own admission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The argument for free will WINS by default, because it DEMANDS considered thought, not farts!!!!!! :nono:

If you have been paying any attention at all in this thread, you would realize just how sophomoric your take is here.

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I've posted in this thread many times and I'm not naive on such matters, but the thought that "we're robots" very much is, because it basically equates any noise emitted from your mouth as an uncontrollable fart. FACT.

Nobody here is in a position to argue against me if they're telling me that they have no control over their speech, as if they do then they're in no position to argue that their speech does not amount to a fart.

Make your fucking minds up. Either you're farting your words, or else are in control of them.

Either way, I win the free will argument. Therefore, God. Therefore, buy my robes and sandals. Due to the failing economy, there will be no discount whatsoever. Indeed, my prices have gone up 200%. :grin: