Posted: May 01, 2020 6:10 am
by GrahamH
jamest wrote:The difference between me/you and a 'predestined' robotic machine, should be fucking obvious.

Differences/distinctions between machines/robots of the same ilk are barely discernible wrt their outputs, which are more-or-less identical.

'Humans' are of the same ilk, yet their output is utterly unpredictable and certainly unexplainable beyond a philosophy which does not embrace free will as a basis thereof.

Your posts here are more predictable than my robot vacuum cleaner.

Yet again you have just evded the challenge to explain how anyone can demonstrate to themselves that any thought/willing that comes to mind is a product of free will mind magic rather than neurobiological processes in the brain and events in the world.

You haven't even attempted to justify the nonsense notion that that it is only detachment from the physical world that gives anything "meaning".

Be honest jamest, you are compelled to defend sprit mind free will or abandon your belief in possessing divine creative superpowers and you cherished "philosophy". If you can't demonstrate superpowers it's near certain that you don't have superpowers.