Posted: May 05, 2020 7:57 am
by GrahamH
jamest wrote:
Hermit wrote:
jamest wrote:Do I want to be the guy who knows everything worth knowing..?

Just to clarify: Are you of the opinion that you know everything worth knowing?

Erm... drumroll...


I do, yeah. I wouldn't even be here if that wasn't the case, taking abuse from the likes of yourself on a regular basis.

So, what's worth knowing? Just the truth of yourself, essentially.

Knowing that amounts to everything worth knowing.

Isn't that just the sport of God 0 to experience mortal weakness, ignorance and suffering?

Thing is, you don't "know yourself", do you? You imagine divinity you do not "know". You suppose omniscience yet you are ignorant. You don't even see the implications of your "big idea".

If "knowing yourself as God" was the point of your life, of any of our lives, we wouldn't be living human lives, would we?
The fact that you are endlessly frustrated in your attempts to sell your robes and sandals would be cult is either you are quite wrong about God, or that God wans that experience more than self knowledge. To the extent She denies herself such self knowledge to have that experience.