Posted: Nov 16, 2020 8:39 pm
by Frozenworld ... l#p1646844

Just want to say I'm new here and I was brought here by the idealism thread, the one above.

I'm mostly puzzled by how people can assume their "mind god" or mentalism when there is nothing to suggest such a thing and that the experiences that they have which support this can be accounted for by neuroscience, like much of the mystical stuff. When presented with the evidence from science for such things, like chemicals causing feelings, the replies tend to border on incredulity. I mean that seems to be the usual response to scientific discoveries, most of which contradict our view of reality.

But looking at the whole thing, mentalism seems on par with religion in terms of knowledge. I also don't see how idealism gets out of solipsism without making too many leaps and irrational conclusions.