Posted: Nov 24, 2020 12:15 pm
by Thommo
Frozenworld wrote:I'm just asking what people think about it. The dude seems pretty convinced that he has buried materialism once and for all but then my follow up question would then be "how is what he is saying not solipsism"? Because his writings, especially the second link, seem to point to solipsism if everything is mental as he puts it.

Sure, well, he seems convinced, but I find it singularly unconvincing. The strength of his claim is wholly disproprortionate to the singular lack of evidence. There are clear gaps in the reasoning.

The difference between his idealism and solipsism is that in solipsism is that for a solipsist the only things that can be said to exist exist in the mind of the solipsist, whereas for him everything exists in a world mind, i.e. not his own mind.