Posted: Jan 08, 2021 8:11 pm
by Frozenworld
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Along with this blurb on the said site, but then when I read it I realized this person literally quoted themselves.. which is.......something I guess.
Rather long time ago Cicero said [translated from Russian]

“…And who isn’t a slave? One is a slave of a lust, other – of miserliness, other – of vainglory, and all – of fear. But there is nothing worse then when the slavery is voluntary…”

So the thread’s problem is rather old problem, and indeed till a human doesn’t understand – what is a human? Why do humans differ from other living beings on Earth in that they have the consciousnesses, i.e. single themselves out the external and can analyze the external and themselves?

- they indeed will remain be something that doesn’t differ essentially from anything unconscious.

These answers are Meta-mainstream-philosophical and Meta-mainstream-scientific – they can be find only outside them, i.e. only [on some rather primitive level] in religions and/or in the “The Information as Absolute” conception ” where it is rigorously proven that all/everything what exist, can exist and “cannot exist” is/are some informational patterns that are elements of the absolutely fundamental and absolutely infinite “Information” Set.

In the conception it is shown that:
(i) - that a human is some informational system, something what is like an usual computer that is composed roughly from a power supply block, a hard disk, a random access memory and a processor – i.e. from the mostly material body, the mostly material brain and mostly non-material “RAM” (the short-term memory in psychology) and “processor” – the main “part” of the human’s consciousness;

(ii) – the appearance of humans on Earth seems as very probably was not an accident. A human is a result of sequential and long development of “material part”, which eventually became be capable to provide operating of the “non-material” part on the level that critically higher then in other living beings; when this development wasn’t accidental but was governed by the “consciousness program”, which in parallel developed from the “BIOS level” in simplest first living forms to the given human’s level; and

(iii) – from the conception follows also that now we cannot exclude that the program “human’s consciousness” state isn’t an end of her development. Besides seems as rather evident that the development’s trend from some biochemical molecules to the human’s consciousness is the trend “more and more outside Matter”, i.e. more and more into other – non-material - regions of the Set., when in the Set there is an absolutely infinite “room” outside the tribal Universe.

And after this [human’s consciousness] stage of the development, which was mostly as some “random natural selection”, the development becomes be consciousness selection.

What should be this selection – this problem becomes be the main human’s problem and till now there are only some variants that some religions suggest. A solving of this problem on a non-dogmatic level seems as not totally understandable now, but what is seems as quite clear – first of all humans must attempt to stop their beings as slaves of their material bodies; and - it seems necessary to understand also, though – what is going a next human’s consciousness version to do in the Set?…

PS. The paper “The Information as Absolute” was rejected by near ten mainstream-philosophical journals; possibly including because of that the idea that all/everything is some information seems on first sight as rather strange. But now this idea is rather widely recognized and, for example, New Scientist recently made the special issue with a slogan “Everything is made of information”

Along with this link about reality from new scientist:

I also found a couple more pages that seem to argue for there being no external world: ... -not-exist ... real-world